Capitalization Style Guide

Capitalization Style Guide: Rules of Content Writing

Are you confused about the rules of capitalization in headings and sub-headings? It is important to know when to use capitals or non-capitals in Headings and Sub-headings in your content pieces in order to bring consistency in style. This post lays down some rules of thumb when it comes to capitalization.


4 Untold Secrets of Captivating Product Descriptions

As a copywriter, I know writing product descriptions is tougher than crafting a sales copy. Product descriptions need to be compelling enough to draw the customer’s attention and lead them to take a positive action. It’s as if you were selling a product via Twitter – 140 characters are all you have to make an impact on your prospective customers. So, as a copywriter, what are the best practices in writing product descriptions? Let’s take a look:


How to Protect Your WordPress Website from Being Hacked

With the hackers getting smarter than ever and the evolution of super-smart cutting-edge password hacking software tools, it’s pretty tough to not get hacked. But with the above steps in place, you can remarkably decrease your odds of being hacked.

Help You Write Articles Quickly

10 Rules of Content Writing to Help You Write Articles Quickly

With the Panda Algo at play, producing high quality content has become extremely critical to ranking higher. But if you’re working under a deadline, producing a certain number is also almost mandatory. Under this challenging conditions, how does one go about creating quality content quickly? Let’s delve deeper into the maze called SEO content writing.


4 Reasons Why Your Visitors Rarely Convert and How to Fix It

Your website is designed well for the eyes, but is it optimized well enough for helping your visitors into making buying decisions? Before you attract traffic to your website, make sure your website is optimized to address all questions of your prospective visitors. Read this post to explore the potential errors webmasters make to lose their would-be customers to the competition and how you can prevent this from happening to your website.