5 Tips to Get More from Your Article Marketing Drive

Article Marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing techniques. The logic behind its popularity is pretty simple – millions of Internet users Google their queries every day, thus presenting you a very unique opportunity to reach out to them with your answers. All it takes is a regular dose of informative and keyword-rich articles strategically distributed across leading article directories. Moreover, with the emergence of WordPress and social media sites, now you can empower your marketing article drive to achieve better results in terms of traffic and conversion.

So What Are The 5 Steps?

Tweet It

Twitter has become a great social platform for real-time results for information-savvy Internet users. Seasoned Internet users use #Tag to search specific information on Twitter as it tends to serve relevant real-time results. Hence, you can take advantage of this search behavior and include a hashtag while posting your link to Twitter. For instance, the title of your article reads “3 Tips for Better Copywriting”, you should include a hashtag before the keyword “copywriting” while tweeting it.

Facebook It

If you have already created a fan page on Facebook, then you can publish your article directly on your fan page. However, if you don’t have a fan page yet, you can simply post your link on your Facebook profile updates. You could do so either by linking from your original blog. However, you could also take it further, and join several relevant forums on Facebook that might be interested in reading your articles. There are many relevant forums across the Facebook where users discuss topics relevant to your industry. However, don’t try to post the entire article as it might be perceived as spamming; you could just participate in the discussion, offer your views and then include your links in a more natural manner with an honest effort to offer more information to the Facebook fraternity.

Blog It

Most Interenet users today have a blog, but few know how to use it as a potential marketing weapon. If you are an ambitious Internet marketer, you can’t simply ignore the power of blogging. Moreover, popular bloggers harp on the importance of having WordPress blogs as they are more search-engine friendly. By blogging your article on your WordPress, you’re giving it more exposure across the Web. However, your post should be tagged and categorized perfectly in order to offer better visibility in search. You could also consider optimizing your URL for the keyword you have used in your post. Before you publish the post, make sure you edit the URL (which generally takes the title of the post as a part of the post URL) and use the keyword instead of the title of the post. For example, your post URL should read like www.xyz.com/blog/keyword. You can also link the keywords to relevant internal and external information sources and this could get you the benefits of parsing.

Digg It 

A great, innovative and informative article always gets rewarded with recognition and positive comments which goes a long way in enhancing your credibility as a specialist. However, it requires you to expose your article to potential readers across popular platforms. One of the great places where you think of achieving great visibility for your articles is Digg.com. Make sure your articles have a very appealing title and loads of useful information with innovative ideas to attract eyeballs. Just publish the article on Digg, sit back and see the comments flooding. Plus, it brings a lot of traffic to your original blog and website.

Social Bookmark It

Once you post your articles across the blog and directories, you could social bookmark the link. Social bookmarking helps your article achieve unprecedented visibility across popular social bookmark sites. By bookmarking your articles across the social bookmark sites, you also create great backlinks to your website which is a great way to enhance your visibility across search engines. While you bookmark the article, you should create a neat little attractive description for your post to elicit more attention from your potential searchers.

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  1. Mamta says

    Great tips: Now-a- days people demand online marketing through article, press release, social media etc. Article marketing is the best way to promote business. Thanks for sharing this five informative tips.

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