Article Marketing Campaign

Campaign Methodology

A number of full-length articles will be written and submitted to popular Article Directories across the Web. Each of the articles will be optimized with targeted keywords for which your business is being found on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The articles will be keyword-rich and key-phrases optimized so that they turn up whenever your potential Internet users Google those keywords related to your business. Articles will be also be appealing for potential human visitors. For instance, the articles will carry thought-provoking headlines and sub-headings to elicit curiosity amongst the visitors. Each of the articles will be submitted to a list of popular article directories which your potential visitors frequent most often. Hence, your articles get enhanced visibility across the Web. Moreover, while those articles are submitted, our SEO team will hyperlink your keywords back to the landing pages on your website.

Potential Benefits

When your visitors read interesting articles, they may click on you links and visit your website. This will be very helpful for increasing the volume of Internet traffic to your website. On the top of it, since the articles are keyword-optimized for search engines, when people Google your keyword phrases, your website is more likely to show up in the search results and more and more people will click on those results to land on your websites. In a nutshell, our Article Marketing Campaign will offer your website Higher Search Engine Ranking, Enhanced Visibility across the Web, and Loads of Internet Traffic.

Impact on Your Business

Our Article Marketing Campaign triggers an abundance of potential visitors to your websites who are keen on your services and therefore, are most likely to convert into buyers.

Impact on Return on Investment

The cost of our Article Marketing Campaign is insignificant as compared to the benefits your website stands to get. Hence, this is one of the most cost-efficient marketing tools you can ever deploy to market your products and services. Moreover, since Article Marketing costs very little, you can give it a shot without taking a huge risk in terms of investment. Regardless of the size of your investment on Article Marketing, it always offers you more than you spend on it. Therefore, the decent Return on Investment is almost assured here.

How Long Until You See The Results?

The results of our Article Marketing Campaign vary depending on the website we campaign for. If a website is fresh and new, it might take around 3 months for the campaign to bring results. However, if a website is fairly old and is already ranking reasonably well across search engines, then you can see immediate results from our Article Marketing Campaign. The results also depend on the size of your Article Marketing Campaign – the higher the number of articles posted, the better and quicker the results are.

Cost of Article Marketing Campaign

Our Article Marketing Campaign offers you a range of services to choose from. Depending on your varied needs, we have devised a number of Article Submissions Services. However, these packages are limited to a certain number of Articles. If you have a higher number of articles to submit, then we will offer you a more competitive and cost-effective price. You may also choose one of our dedicated staff members or go for an experienced Article Marketing specialist on an hourly wage basis.

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